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IRBC-COMPANY  is a group of several companies operating in the industrial, financial, defense and security fields.The strength of this group is the ability to diversify, by been able to provide products and services of great interest in order to allow private and institutional investors, the ability to enter into their interest market.

Our attention is focused to meet the needs of our customers, through our professionality and our knowledge at international level.

IRBC-COMPANY is present in Europe and the Middle East, Eastern Europe, Asia, Africa, South America.

IRBC-COMPANY is active in:  Consultancy, Security & Defense, Special Products, Transports Confidential Protected, Security Web, Financial Security, Confidential Document Archive.

We have always been engaged in the research and development on our fields of expertise, focusing on innovation and new constructive methods, by testing new materials for the creation of new projects. New investment formulas allow to add an additional service value in order to complete customer’s satisfaction.

IRBC-COMPANY is a solid and reliable business partner. The brilliant achievements are the results of our “mission” focused on uncompromising quality, excellence and innovation.

IRBC-COMPANY has always focused on diversifing its investments in order to always be able to obtain for their customers the maximum returns.

Something more suggested by IRBC-COMPANY, appears to be the proposal to Organizations and Society Institutions is to make accept that any economic transaction, through the formula of the mutual exchange of materials an services. This formula is manage irectly by IRBC-COMPANY to highly reference customer, after a detailed. analysis and a certification of origin.


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